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Room 701
Department of Computer Eng.
Sharif University of Technology


"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" Albert Einstein


Software and Systems are everywhere in our lives. You won't wake up in time if it was not for your alarm clock, most likely an app on your android or ios device. You can't get to work without snap or uber, or the small computer controlling your car. You can't communicate with your friends or family with out the right software or app and so on. We are pretty much dependent on them, and will be more than ever as time goes on. Hence, their safety and security will be only more important. In short, S4Lab concentrates on research trying to better understand issues with software and systems which would help everyone in better securing them, so that our lives don't get disrupted.

You could follow up on some of the lab actitivties through our blog. If you would like to join the lab, please read S4Lab Walkthrough.


Mehdi Kharrazi
Solmaz Salimi (PhD)
Farzaneh Rastegar (PhD)
Razieh Eskandari (PhD)
Kavian Amirmozafari (MS)
Jafar Bajalan (MS)
Hossein Moghaddas (BS)


Behnam Momeni (PhD)
Majid Zolfaghari (MS)
Mohammad Aghamir (MS)
Iman Hosseini (BS)
Shervin Khastoo (BS)